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Homes constructed pre-late 1980’s are prone to recurring drain and sewer pipe clogging problems. This is why we recommend you contact a licensed plumber today and schedule your pipes to be cleared thoroughly at least once a year, bi-annually for even older model homes. Ideally, you want a sewer drain professional with years of successful experience in power rodding technique and method

What Is Power Rodding?

Power rodding is one of the OLDEST and most advanced methods in a plumbers tool kit next to hydro jetting being the most recent technology.

Power rodding uses a superman strong-like steel cable to target the problem areas with precision by breaking through blockages deep within pipes. Attached to the end of this rod is a set of sharp teeth used to cut through virtually any sludge, roots, or another blockage.

Previous to its conception plumbers had to remove entire pipes to get to the root of a problem only to find that a few chunks of food clogged a single point costing the homeowner a small fortune for such a small nuisance.

Power rodding saves not only you tons of money in labor costs but it also saves the plumbers physical health from engaging in such strenuous back breaking labor.

It’s a Win-Win.

Why Power Rodding vs Hydro Jetting?

Though hydro-jetting has indeed replaced much of the use of power rodding, it has yet to replace “all” of its use for the simple fact that the best results are usually not one or the other, but a combination of both. We’ve found that hydro jetting is a great compliment to power rodding much like a husband compliments a wife, and a wife compliments a husband.

There are situations where hydro jetting is not necessary and power rodding is the best, quickest, and least expensive method and vice versa. It really depends on your unique situation. Hydro jetting, for example, may not be able to break through a tougher tree root, whereas a power rod can cut through quickly and more efficiently, whilst hydro jetting completes the rest of the job.

Also, a plumber may be more familiar and comfortable with power rodding and gets better results with his clients than he does hydro jetting, the opposite can be true for other plumbers. They’re both power options and dependent on the plumber’s preference and the customers’ situation. Again, it’s circumstantial.

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