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Regardless how mindful we are, tiny bits of food, grease, hair, fat, other solids, even “Acts of God” such as tree root overgrowth from nearby trees super-clogs our drains.

This ‘sticky goo’ buildup or tree root gets trapped along pipe walls, restricting wastewater flow; eventually leading to total blockage. As previously mentioned, these super-clogs are invincible to store-bought drain cleaning products and requires professional attention.

This inevitably ‘backs up’ your sewer lines, which spells out only one thing:


The sooner you delay contacting us, the more extensive and expensive the damage becomes.

Relying on store purchased chemical “tricks” alone to get the job done is “cheaper”, but the REAL price you’re going pay is a subpar temporary solution akin to putting an old worn out band-aid on a gunshot wound.

It just doesn’t work.

Your plumbing problems are going to get worse – MUCH worse – before it gets better.

We’d rather this not happen to you. We’re confident you’d agree. That’s why we recommend you contact us immediately to use our hydro-jetting technology to solve your plumbing problems quicker.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a simple, yet labor intensive process to blast upwards 4,500 PSI of pressured water at the cause of pipe obstruction, thus eliminating sludge accumulation while ‘cutting through’ tree roots with the precision of a fine-tuned laser beam; leaving you with freed and cleared pipes.

On the surface level, it would appear this intense pressure would cause further pipe damage. But this is not so. In fact, it causes the LEAST trauma to your pipes interior walls, if any, compared to other snaking methods. It’s by far the safest technology available.

Two Reasons WHY Hydro Jetting Is The BEST Gunk Removal Method

First, unlike the “bore” method, it’s far more effective. It strips away tree roots and cleans pipe walls making them nearly as effective as they were when first laid while instantly reducing any chance of future blockages.

Secondly, hydro jetting reaches areas where the “bore” or “snake” method cannot. For example, the smaller nozzles fit in toilet bowl holes and standard kitchen pipes without damaging PVC pipes.

The PRIME Solution For Food Related Establishments and Commercial Real Estate

Hotels, restaurants, food processing plants and other enterprises that handle greasy or fatty foods are in need of our hydro-jetting services because of sheer volume.

Service and/or product interruptions are guaranteed to cause financial and reputational consequences.

For this reason, most businesses protect themselves and their bottom-line by contracting out our hydro-jetting services annually to keep their pipes clean and unobstructed at all times.

Let US Determine The Best Course Of Action For YOU

This service may NOT be the best nor most cost efficient solution for YOU, but it may. A seasoned S.S.D. Pro veteran will run a full diagnosis on YOUR unique situation to determine the best course of action using tiny video inspection technology mounted on a flexible rod to determine the exact nature of the blockage. This gives us a clear visual of what we’re dealing with.

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